YTP: Mario Head Is Creepy

YTP: Mario Head Is Creepy

Larry: NOOO! Mario: Hello, it’s me, Mario. Mario: Oh Boy, this was a tough lesson. Mario: But I bet if we do it again, it’s are gonna be again! Boy, Look at that PINGAS! Mario: I bet you’re going to learn how to type on it. (Mario Chuckles) Mario: Have you seen Luigi? Another Mario: It’s a stone, Luigi. You didn’t make it. Mario: Oh boy. Mario: Finally I’ma get to move on the ground. (Weird Screaming) Mario: Oh… Mario: Mario spaghetti of doom is scary. Mario: Hey, are you ready to Mario-cise? Okie dokie! You do just like Mario, OK? (Music) Mario: Very good. (Music) Mario: And… (Music) Mario: Sorry, it’s hard for you, but easy for me. You know, why? Mario: I ain’t got no PINGAS! Mario: Get it? No PINGAS! (Mario Laughs) (Music) Mario: Whee! ^_^ Mario: Look, I’m a video game! Toast toast toast toast toast toast.. Mario: Hey, I got something in my toaster! Mario: Have you seen Mama Luigi? Mama Luigi? Mama Luigi? Mama Luigi? Mario: I’ma go fly for you! 😉 (Static) (Mario makes an airplane noise) (Static) Mario: Hey, don’t leave me all alone. Hey, where is everybody? (Static) Mario: Come Back!! (Static) Mario: AAH!

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