Z-Girls Streets of Gold (Halloween Ver.) Reaction They Laugh So Hard

Z-Girls Streets of Gold (Halloween Ver.) Reaction They Laugh So Hard

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another video and today I’m gonna be checking out Z girls streets of
gold Halloween versions so stay tuned alright another day another Z girls
reaction videos so before I hit play if you’re new here make sure you hit
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the new video so now that’s out of the way let’s get cracking look at the
thumbnail here it looks like they’re all in Halloween costume performing streets
of gold so yeah let’s go and check this out I look at Vanya’s face in there she’s
really cringing in and the another first couple lines
everyone says yeah obviously all costumes whole Wonder Woman
III know there’s hardly Queen I don’t know who the other ones are as well but
yeah I could see they’re really cringing in there by the way let’s get it on I can tell they’re really trying hard to
concentrate in there there’s definitely a lot of laughter so I don’t know I
don’t think this is gonna end well about yeah he’s given up the ready come on okay that star are sprayed that’s right
what’s the other character this is really just for fun so they’re not
playing it too seriously here so yeah see what the camera is like moving
around this is oh this is definitely for fun I could
see them having lots of fun and ever there’s so many people laughing at the
background as well even the cameraman you know it’s laughing look at this is
just them enjoying their time you know with their Halloween costume anyways I know it’s hard to concentrate really
all I hear is laughter look I know this is not gonna be a
serious performance by it’s fun you know showing their laughters and showing
their happiness in their mostly they did this video for Halloween you know the
old dressing costume and there’s trying dance trying to perform without laughing
but then one thing I really like about this group they don’t take themselves
too seriously it’s all about fun it’s all about you know really enjoying
themselves you know and I can see it from here now it’s again this is just a
parody performance or happy performance but yeah what do you guys think what do
you guys think of Z girls in this video you know really really came to see any
new new song new material new performance from them but performing
that song for quite some time now so I’m really looking forward to hear what’s
next for them but in the DAT that’s it thank you so much for dropping by and
hanging out me if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a like I really
appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos all right that’s
it I’ll see you in the next one bye


  1. Haha….they r laughing because of CARLYN…hus wearing the HULK costume…..its very rare to see HULK dancing so gracefully….haha…HULKLYN…😄😄😄

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