Zero Hedge Headline debunked for Exaggeration or Scaremongering

Zero Hedge Headline debunked for Exaggeration or Scaremongering

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 9th January 2017 and we were
in the process of completing a video on Bitcoin until we saw this following headline on ZeroHedge:
“Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps As Bonds & Bullion Bounce” by Tyler Durden today.
“Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps As Bonds & Bullion Bounce”
Sorry we just had to stop and call this for what it really is as we did with Silver Doctors
telling everyone that silver eagles were no longer available from the US Mint quite a
few weeks before Christmas, when the Mint confirmed that they were available. We produced
a video highlighting this on 22nd November under the heading – ‘Have 2016 Silver
Eagles really sold out?’ where we debunked their story.
So let’s dissect this headline and analyse it a little closer:
Crude Crushed. Crude prices did fall today Brent Crude fell 4.03% to $54.80 and WTI Crude
fell 4.07% to $51.79 this is quite a sizeable fall but a crush it certainly isn’t especially
as Crude has only recently entered $50 territory having rested for some time in the $30 – $40
range. Dollar Dumps – mmmm the Dollar index is
101.95 down 0.27 or a quarter of one percent but still considerably higher than it was
a couple of months ago and less than 2 points off its recent high. So this represents a
dump? – interesting. As Bonds and Bullion Bounce. Yes but what
they don’t say about bonds is that, and wait for it, Banks have flooded the market
with debt in the first days of the New Year, propelling a record pace of bond sales as
companies seek to lock in borrowing costs before interest rates rise further.
Yes before interest rates rise further. So the market is expecting higher rates so how
is that going to be good for bullion prices? Oh which have also bounced. Well since the
start of the year in US dollar terms Gold is up $30 or 2.5% and silver is up 63 cents
or 3.8%. A nice rise but hardly a significant bounce and certainly not commensurate with
what some could regard as a somewhat deceiving headline just to gain attention.
So to put it in perspective when these pumpers tell you Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps as Bonds
and Bullion Bounce before you run out and panic buy all those precious metals before
they go to the moon, as they clearly wish you to do with such a headline, just take
a little closer look at what is actually happening. We hope you have found this video interesting
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
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  1. I have to say "you nailed it!" Long term silver bull and tired of all the pumping. Dont trust the main stream media and tired of the gloom and doom end of the world predictions for personal gain websites. Great job Illuminati silver! Any other sites you recommend that you agree with? Thanks

  2. That's a normal headline for their daily market synopsis, and regular Zero Hedge readers understand this. From one trading day to the next, the Tylers have described the movement of all assets as being "crushed", "clubbed", "dumped", and "slammed".

  3. Everyone should know this about zero hedge I usually fact check their articles. What do you think about Martin Armstrong changing his position to bearish on gold? Do you follow Martin Armstrong I agree with him short term.

  4. You guys are awesome. I have been buying silver for a couple years now and I see people around me buying silver. (partially because of me) but I have seen my mom forward me videos from her boss on how silver is going to the moon. I know a close family member who used to be a trader in Chicago who thinks silver is going to jump back up between $30-$40 dollars in the next year. Every time I hear this I feel obligated to inform them of your channel.
    Thank you

  5. Great Video guys, I saw that headline first thing this morning. I excitedly opened up the silver chart eagerly expecting to see a "bounce" in the silver price….. I saw it was up a couple of cents, I yawned, I rubbed my eyes, I made coffee and went to work. Business as usual…. LOL

  6. Silver doctors should be calling on Andy Hoffman soon to throw the nets out again.
    Soon as he gets back from vacationing or runs low on our useless paper. lol

  7. Zero Hedge is garbage, they are basically always pushing doom and collapse, they are they exact opposite of the Mainstream media, and the truth lies somewhere in between them.

  8. Yes I agree David Haynes so many are do it and gaining much attention are these pumpers just not informed or is it just a deliberate mean to sell their agenda. I have seen the work of others such as Mike Maloney and they are so passionate and convincing in their presentation, but yet their timing seems very off.

  9. I have a chance to buy 100 oz of silver off ebay at 34 cents over spot right now. Is economy good in England as I saw the pound sterling go down today someand  is the litte brexit vote going to change anything with silver you think?  I know there is going to be a vote in Italy and Germany as well.  Do you think I should hold off as you guys still think silver will go down in the %15 range?   I always listen to what you have to say  and all has worked out so far.  Thanks for your opinion.

  10. You know it is the only way to get "donations" from bullion dealers. They most likely have a JM Bullion or Some Banner on their website

  11. Usually when economy is doing well, gold usually goes down to normal prices. I don't see that yet.  I would say $900 an ounce would be 'normal" price.

  12. Thank you for that Nov video about Silver Doctor, I am subscriber and i am aware those hawks come in the interivew after they added new segment. Your input was very valuable about Silver Eagles against what they claimed, I confess since then i have stopped hearing their podcast.
    But I would say I like ZH, once in a while they overboard but I am still convinced they give some decent info.
    Thank you again.

  13. As much as I like to hear independent financial views and analysis Zero Hedge lost trust after posting extremely absurd article in Q1 2016 saying the international commodity trade halted and zero cargo vessels were sailing. This was either plain lie or gross negligence to say so. Thanks for the video and transcripts. Very insightful!

  14. Yes they are dishonest and i for one thought the dollar was still above par so we can rest assured a bear when the vampires raise the rates again 🙂 Thank goodness for (IS) to give such important news since buying above the bottom isnt what anyone wants to do..

  15. Something I came across reading:
    He's the economist who recently said, "Gold will plummet to $700… real-estate will drop another 30%… and the DOW will plunge to 6,000."

    He even had the audacity to tell CNBC contributor Ron Insana, "You and Robert Malthus don't know what you're talking about!"

    When I heard this, I wondered, "Who the heck does this guy think he is?"

    Then I took a look at his track record…

    Harry Dent has predicted nearly every major economic trend over the past 30 years…including the 1991 recession, Japan's lost decade, the 2001 tech crash, the bull market and housing boom of the last decade and, most recently, the credit and housing bubble.

  16. I was just wondering…If stocks in the USA are going up and  almost ready to hit 20k and oil is down for the past  few days?  Do you think the reason silver and gold are going up each day is simply it's getting closer to trump swearing in and the uncertainty is getting closer from folks around the world of what Trump might do?  Thank you for your time.

  17. When was the last time the world was not going to hell according to ZH?
    That said, ZH still provides very interesting and insightfull viewpoints. Just with any news you have to read them with a grain (or in the case of ZH with a bucketload) of salt. Such a thing as an independent press never existed – and never will. Except for IS, who are telling the truth about silver. Sorry for the little needling, couldn't resist. Keep up the good work.

  18. I usually find ZH a good source of information… so It saddens me to learn some of their posts are turning out to be the very Fake News they slate….although I know for a fact not all their readers/subscribers believe all what they post to be true ..But credit to IS for highlighting this fake news…

  19. The gold & silver pumpers are very active on the internet as many stackers don't like to listen to mainstream media nowaday. However I already set my gold & silver buying goal, now I just want for another major price drop either by manipulation or market direct. Yes, we all know the US debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion and I predict it will go up 1 trillion per year no matter what Trump doing. So maybe now is the good timing to stack more gold & silver ?

  20. A school friend called me this morning , he said gold is going to 1050 in the coming month. I was told this a month and a half ago ,with a reiteration this morning . You never know , Im holding my powder dry , for the near future . The road ahead will be bumpy ! JMO

  21. I have to pay more attention to your channel here. I notice you're not one of the ass clown pumpers of precious metals. And there are quite a few Tyler Durden's out there that never rest.

    You worked in the banking industry? You probably know right well what's going on.

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