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Hi everyone! My name is Masha Knots and today I’ll teach you how to make the zipper bracelet. For this bracelet we will need three colours. These two colours will be the zipper. This one will be the base. It won’t be visible. Scissors. Also a board, a safety pin or tape. When using a board make sure that it secures the bracelet well so that it doesn’t slip out during the knotting. With tape you can secure the bracelet on any flat surface. Make sure it is taped on well enough so it doesn’t slip out. With the safety pin you can pin the bracelet onto your jeans, pillow, blanket or any soft object. For this bracelet we need at least 3 threads. I’ll use 6. One of each colour. You can use as many threads as you like. The more you take, the thicker the bracelet will be. As I said before, these two colours will be the zipper itself. That’s why the threads of their colours should be longer than the brown one. I’ll take about one meter. But I’m not measuring so I could be wrong. Take as much as you think is fine. I think plus minus 10cm from 1m is just about enough. The thread which you take as the base should be enough for the ties and to cover your wrist. Cut the threads. After cutting them put them all together and decide how much you need for the ties. I think I’ll use about this much. Make a regular knot on this spot. The regular knot. I left this much for the ties. I like using the board so I fix the bracelet in place. Next we divide our threads into three groups. The base is in the middle. Put the right part away and concentrate on the left and middle part. The whole bracelet consists of Forward-backward and backward-forward knots. If you don’t know how to make these knots you should watch my video where I teach that. The link is here and in the description. The first thing we do is a forward- backward knot. The main thread is blue, actually there are two threads, but that’s not a problem. We knot as if there is only one. To make the forward- backward knot we make the first half like the forward knot and the second like the backward knot. Let me remind you how to do that The 4 and like this. Tie it. And the backward knot. Here we have the forward-backward knot. Now we put the blue part away. Bring the red one back. Now we make the backward-forward knot First we make the backward knot and the second half is the forward knot. Here is the first half the backward knot. Pull this bit out. The second: the forward knot. To make this bracelet we just repeat these two steps. As you see the zipper is starting to show. To finish the bracelet we just have to continue. I finished the bracelet and decided that I want this much for the ending That’s why I make a regular knot right here. From here I’ll make the braided endings. If you don’t know how to make these endings I suggest you watch my video on that. The link is here and in the description box. The bracelet is finished. Thank you for watching. If you liked my video give it a thumbs up, subscribe and bring your friends. Knotting together is more fun! Join our VK group subscribe to twitter, add me on braceletbook and also on Happy knotting!

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